Promotional Flyers

If you have ever taken the time to consider the possibility of using promotional flyers then you should know that there are a lot of ways to make good advertising with this method, but you are going to need to learn how to do it the right way if you want it to work. When you make a promotional flyer basically what you will be looking to do is promote your business in a way that lets everyone know exactly what products or services you happen to be offering to the public.

When you get your advertisements out there on the street and people hold your flyers in their hands, they will be able to get a good look at what you are offering. This sort of advertising has been popular for a very long time already and there is a reason for that – it works really well. You do not have to worry about relying only on regular forms of advertising like video ads or ads in magazines when there are still these very effective methods that work quite well too. Taking the time to learn more about them can therefore be quite helpful.


10 Easy Ways to Make Your Flyer Stand Out of the Crowd

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to make flyers that get attention.

A flyer is an inexpensive and highly effective way to grab attention in a very busy marketplace. How do you make your flyer stand out in the crowd? Here are some techniques that can make your flyers “pop.”


1. Write a snappy headline or title.

Make it memorable, unusual or provocative using a few carefully chosen powerful words. Popular titles contain one or more of these words: Easy, The Secrets to, Unlock, Finally, Insider, Time Sensitive, How to, Free Bonuses, Now You Can, Discover, Proven.


2. Use colorful or striking graphics.

One large image will have more impact than many smaller images. A stunning photo or illustration grabs attention, creates a mood, and supports your story. This image is your “focal point” and will draw your readers in.


3. Focus on the benefits of your product or service.

Your prospects will ask the question, “What’s in it for me?” Write from the their perspective using the words “you” and “your.” Avoid using the following words: we, us, I and our. Be sure to keep your text short and to the point. Some of the most powerful words to use are: free, save, love, new, results, and guarantee. Break up long paragraphs with bullet points and place them in a separate box.


4. Use compelling testimonials and case studies.

Nothing strikes a chord like an endorsement from a happy customer, especially if it demonstrates the results they’ve had with your product or service. Be sure to include the first and last name, company name and location of the person providing the endorsement.


5. Organize your page with boxes, borders and areas of contrasting colors. You don’t need to fill your flyer with wall-to-wall text and graphics. Incorporate some white space to make certain elements stand out and to make the flyer easy to read.


6. Make your points easily identifiable.

Highlight titles and subtitles in bold, but avoid using ALL CAPS because they are more difficult to read.


7. Don’t get too complicated.

Make it simple with not more than two typefaces,


8. Don’t forget to proofread.

Have someone else proofread your work. Check your contact information.


9. If you are on a tight budget, try this.

Select bright-colored or unique paper, and print with black ink. Use shades of grey to provide tones and contrasting background areas.


10. Offer a discount or special limited-time price.

Design a coupon on the bottom quarter of the flyer. Be sure to clearly state the deadlines and limitations of the offer.

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel when creating your flyer. Use these proven techniques and you will see big results in your marketing efforts.

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